The 22 Best Sex Toys For Women And People With Vulvas For 2024

Looking to spice up your sex life in 2024? Whether you're flying solo or with a partner, there are plenty of female-friendly sex toys on the market to explore. From sleek vibrators to discreet wearable options, the possibilities are endless. Check out the top 22 picks at Pussy Pervert and get ready to take your pleasure to new heights.

When it comes to enhancing pleasure and exploring new sexual experiences, sex toys can be a game-changer. In 2024, the market for sex toys has expanded significantly, offering a wide range of options specifically designed for women and people with vulvas. Whether you're looking to spice up your solo play or enhance intimacy with a partner, there's a sex toy out there for everyone.

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At, we understand the importance of sexual satisfaction and exploration. That's why we've put together a list of the 22 best sex toys for women and people with vulvas for 2024. From vibrators to dildos to pleasure enhancers, these toys are sure to take your sexual experiences to the next level.

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Vibrators are a popular choice for women and people with vulvas, offering targeted stimulation and intense orgasms. In 2024, the market is flooded with a variety of vibrators to suit every preference.

1. Wand Massager: The classic wand massager has been a staple in the sex toy industry for years. With powerful vibrations and versatile use, this toy is perfect for clitoral stimulation and all-over body massage.

2. Rabbit Vibrator: This dual-stimulation vibrator offers both clitoral and G-spot pleasure, making it a favorite among many users. With its unique design and multiple vibration settings, the rabbit vibrator is a must-have for any toy collection.

3. Bullet Vibrator: Small and discreet, the bullet vibrator is perfect for on-the-go pleasure and targeted stimulation. Its compact size makes it ideal for solo play or enhancing intimacy with a partner.


For those looking for a more realistic experience, dildos are a great option. In 2024, dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit any preference.

4. Silicone Dildo: Smooth, body-safe, and versatile, silicone dildos are a popular choice for many users. With realistic textures and shapes, these dildos offer a lifelike experience.

5. Glass Dildo: Sleek, elegant, and temperature-responsive, glass dildos are a luxurious addition to any toy collection. Their smooth surface and firm texture provide intense G-spot stimulation.

6. Strap-On Dildo: Perfect for couples looking to explore new experiences, a strap-on dildo offers hands-free pleasure and the opportunity to switch roles in the bedroom.

Pleasure Enhancers

In addition to vibrators and dildos, there are a variety of pleasure enhancers designed to take your sexual experiences to the next level.

7. Clitoral Suction Toy: Using air pressure and pulsations, clitoral suction toys mimic oral sex and provide intense, mind-blowing orgasms.

8. Kegel Balls: Designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and enhance pleasure, kegel balls can be used for solo play or to prepare for partnered activities.

9. Nipple Clamps: For those looking to explore nipple play, nipple clamps offer a range of sensations and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Couple's Toys

Enhancing intimacy and pleasure with a partner is made easy with couple's toys designed for mutual satisfaction.

10. Couples Vibrator: Worn during intercourse, a couples vibrator provides clitoral stimulation and enhances pleasure for both partners.

11. Remote-Controlled Vibrator: Perfect for long-distance relationships or discreet public play, a remote-controlled vibrator offers hands-free pleasure and excitement.

12. Double-Ended Dildo: Ideal for same-sex or heterosexual couples, a double-ended dildo allows for simultaneous penetration and mutual satisfaction.

Anal Toys

For those interested in exploring anal play, there are a variety of toys designed specifically for anal pleasure.

13. Butt Plug: Available in a range of sizes and materials, butt plugs offer a gentle introduction to anal play and can be worn for extended periods of time.

14. Anal Beads: Providing a unique sensation, anal beads are perfect for those looking to explore new levels of pleasure and sensation.

15. Prostate Massager: Designed specifically for male pleasure, a prostate massager offers targeted stimulation and intense orgasms.

Sensual Accessories

In addition to sex toys, there are a variety of sensual accessories designed to enhance pleasure and intimacy.

16. Blindfold: Perfect for sensory deprivation and enhancing anticipation, a blindfold can add an element of surprise and excitement to sexual experiences.

17. Silk Restraints: Offering a luxurious and comfortable way to explore bondage and restraint, silk restraints are perfect for those new to BDSM play.

18. Massage Candle: Combining aromatherapy with sensual massage, a massage candle offers a unique way to set the mood and enhance intimacy.

Tech-Savvy Toys

For those interested in incorporating technology into their sexual experiences, there are a variety of high-tech toys available.

19. App-Controlled Vibrator: Offering customizable vibration patterns and long-distance control, an app-controlled vibrator allows for personalized pleasure and connectivity.

20. Virtual Reality Headset: For those looking to explore immersive and interactive sexual experiences, a virtual reality headset offers a new way to engage with adult content.

21. Smart Kegel Trainer: Designed to track and improve pelvic floor strength, a smart kegel trainer offers personalized workouts and feedback for optimal results.

22. AI-Powered Masturbator: Incorporating artificial intelligence and lifelike sensations, an AI-powered masturbator offers a high-tech and realistic solo experience.

In conclusion, the world of sex toys for women and people with vulvas has expanded significantly in 2024, offering a wide range of options to suit every preference and desire. Whether you're looking to enhance solo play, spice up intimacy with a partner, or explore new sensations, there's a sex toy out there for everyone. With the right toy, you can take your sexual experiences to the next level and explore new levels of pleasure and satisfaction.